Hey Webkinz Fans!

All NEW Webkinz have been discovered!

First is the Lil’ Kinz Lamb!

This little fellow doesn’t have a release date yet!

It is estimated to be released sometime in 2008/


Next is the Lil’ Kinz Cheeky

Dog!He will be released in July 2008!I hope you

are excited to adopt this cuddly creature!

Next is a the Toco Toucan!He is

estimated to be released in July of 2008!I hope

Your squawking to befriend this beautiful bird!

This next animal may look like he is going to eat

you,but since he is a Webkinz,he wants to be your

friend!He is estimated to be released in July 2008!

Next is the Webkinz

Rottweiler! He may seem mean,but on Webkinz

he is nice!He is estimated to be released July 08!

Last is the Webkinz Spotted Leopard.He will be

released in July this year as well! (no picture


Tomorrow I will post about the Webkinz estore

and the new Webkinz Trading room!

Until then,



Hey Webkinz fans!

Here is the winner of the Webkinz giveaway!

We randomly picked the number 44 which is…..

Michelle and Hayley Hillison! (I think your user is heh98 but please confirm with me soon!)

Congratulations! Please add me (if you already haven’t) and I will send you your prize!

Great job everyone!

Please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win! We will have more contests soon!

Thanks for entering!


Superbed Giveaway!

Hey Webkinzworld lovers!
We are having a STARDUST DREAMS SUPERBED giveaway!

All you have to do is enter your user name for your prize!


You can only enter once!

No entering anyone else!

Winner must claim prize by a week after announced!

You must have an active webkinz account to participate!

This contest ends next Tuesday so enter and tell your friends!



Hey Webkinz Lovers,

Webkinz had officially announced that new webkinz are comming in June!

Here they are!

(this 1 is VERY similar to the Tiger Snake!)


Here are the upcoming Pet of the Month Pets!

May-  Webkinz Panda

June- Webkinz Elephant

July- Webkinz Cheeky Monkey



There is is new Kinzville Academy Activity!




Hey Webkinz Fans!   

We are going to be updated on the latest news here at WebkinzWorld101!

Just submit your email in the box below and you will be added to a list where

you will be updated whenever we have something fun, cool, or new here!

comments are closed because this post is all about being in the email list!

If you submit the emails from me,to your friends,you could win rare and exclusive items!

more info comming soon!

Hey Webkinz Lovers,

Here are the new furniture items that came out today!

 And,here is the new homepage!

It is temporarily changed to celerate the Webkinz ExtravaGANZa!

Also a new game has been added to the arcade in webkinz world!

Webkinz Day is comming soon so be ready to celebrate!



Hey Everyone!

Here are the winners of the Boarder Contest!

1st place Maddie Banner is………..


1st Place Style Banner is…………..


1st place Rosie Banner is…..


Zoey gets the W Pond,Elmtree gets the Sparkle Plant,and Prettygirl gets the Windmill!

Great Job everyone!

Sorry this is late!

Please claim your prize in the next week,or we will use the prizes for another giveaway!